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Unfortunately, for business owners, it is the sole responsibility of these international businesses to ensure that accurate tax compliance policies are in place for every country in which they operate. This is how international tax consultants help businesses continue to thrive in other countries, outside of their nation of origin. Attempting to maximize tax efficiency by lowering a business overall effective tax rate while also remaining compliant at all times requires planning and knowledge that far surpasses what many individuals are capable of achieving. As not every business owner may have this experience, international tax consultants ensure that every detail is taken care of so everyone involved in the company can focus on the rest of their business operations. An international tax consultant is hired to help a multi national corporation or business take care of any international taxation needs that they may encounter. They attempt to maximize tax efficiency by lowering a business overall effective tax rate while still continually remaining compliant within each country in which the business operates. This requires a vast knowledge of the particulars of taxation processes, as well as how taxation differs across multiple borders. The fact that the world is more interconnected than ever before is an absolute dream to businesses, but international taxation issues are still problems that dampen the excitement of doing business around the globe. An international tax consultant will take care of everything tax related so that the other members of the corporate team can focus on actually running their business. An international tax consultant needs to have a number of skills in order to successfully help a business comply with international laws concerning taxes. Looking for international tax consultants who work for a business themselves rather than freelance or as independent consultants of any kind can help ensure that they know the details necessary to care for the taxation issues that a large business might face.

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r Once the appropriate committee has made its recommendation, the Chairperson of the committee shall so advise the candidate in writing within two weeks. In the case of a recommendation against tenure and/or promotion the written communication will indicate to the candidate how they did not meet the relevant University Criteria as explicated by the Approved Unit Standards. In the case of a deferral of tenure and/or promotion, the written communication will indicate to the candidate the area or areas of performance the committee would expect evidence of further development before recommending in favour of tenure and/or promotion. A candidate may at this time submit additional information to the Dean if they believe their case not to have been adequately represented. s Up to two weeks prior to the commencement of the meetings of the UPC where the candidate is being considered, the candidate shall have the right to add material not previously available. Prior to the commencement of the meetings of the UPC, the candidate shall have the right to transmit information to their Dean about acceptance of publications, awards and successful grant applications that were not included at the time of the original submission of the vitae. ii Where the appointment is more than 50% in one Faculty the majority faculty, the joint Departmental Committee shall be constituted in accordance with the following:1 Where the appointment is more than 50% in one department the majority department, the joint Departmental Tenure and Promotion Committee shall have membership proportional to the weighting of the cross appointment, and shall be chaired by a member of the majority department. The Committee shall make its recommendation to the Faculty Tenure and Promotion Committee of the majority faculty. 2 Where the appointment is divided equally between two units, the joint Departmental Tenure and Promotion Committee shall be representative of each of the pertinent departments or equivalent and shall be comprised of the Chairperson of each of the appropriate committees and at least one 1 other representative from each of the departments or equivalent. The Dean of the majority faculty shall designate a Chairperson who shall be responsible for forwarding a written recommendation together with supporting evidence to the Faculty Tenure and Promotion Committee of the majority faculty. iii Where the appointment is divided equally between two Faculties, the employee seeking tenure and/or promotion shall designate their home Faculty.

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