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Christine Looby gave the invocation; Eileen Rau encouraged members to donate to the Rotary Foundation. She suggested using the Club Runner as an easy way to do this. 2. Those in attendance for this club assembly meeting were happy to discuss methods for improving our fund raising efforts. 3. Kyle Egress mentioned that we did not do a good job on reaching out to organizations we support for their support in selling tickets for our Vines of March event. 4. Eileen and Bennett mentioned that we complete our list of organization we support on our Club Runner so we can connect to them electronically for our solicitations. Some members suggested that the most effective way to approach an organization is to talk to the manager. 5. According to Tom, our treasurer, our financial status to June of this year is in good shape We will be able to meet the yearly donations we have decided to make.

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Authors are responsible to read and accept fee 375 euro and applicable surcharges related to a size of article and/or proofreading services payment obligations of the targeted journal. The website has clear information about publication fees and payment terms. When paper accepted and published the author is obliged to fulfill his/ her fee payment obligations in the shortest time after the invoice issued. The fee provides compensation of a range services related with expertise, scientific and technical editing, online printing, electronic storing and web managing. All papers are printed online with corresponding online ISSN. Payments optionsYou will receive an invoice with several payment methods you can choose after the letter of acceptance.

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University of London, University College, Ph. D. , 1976, in English, American Literature, American Studies Director: Stephen Fender University of Cambridge, England, Graduate Diploma in Literature and Society, 1970. Director: Raymond WilliamsDriven Out The Forgotten War Against Chinese Americans, Random House, May, 2007; reprint January 2008; paperback University of California Press, August, 2008. Parlor Radical: Rebecca Harding Davis and the Origins of American Social Realism. University of Pittsburgh Press, 1996. The Utopian Novel in America, 1886 1896: The Politics of Form. University of Pittsburgh Press,1985. Second Edition, 1988. CHICAGO TRIBUNE drivenbw08dec08,1,1182288. story NEW YORK TIMES, July 29, 2007WASHINGTON POST CHINA PRESS The Forgotten War translJuly 5, 6, 2007 CHOICE REVIEW December 2007, http:// Essential.

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Because of its mild color, aquamarine is often combined with other gemstones in a contemporary jewelry designs. However, it is important to make sure that this light be stone is not overwhelmed by more bright colored ones such as rubies or turquoise. One combination that is gaining in popularity is aquamarine pendants or beads added to a white or off white pearls necklace. Since specimens with an intense blue color are much sought after, jewelers sometimes enhance the color of lightly colored specimens through heat treatment. There is nothing illegal or even unethical about heat treatment of gemstones, as long as the seller makes an honest declaration about the artificial enhancement. As of today, we have no way to determine whether or not an aquamarine specimen has been heat treated. So buyer beware, and buy your jewelry from a reputed seller. Aquamarine is one of the many gemstones that belong to the beryl family. Most specimens have specific gravities that range from 2. 6 to 2. 7, and refractive indices between 1.

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