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So, the ordinance was unconstitutional as applied to the plaintiffs for these reasons. However, the court did not hold that the ordinance was unconstitutional on its face because the enforcement officer had the option to issue a citation or abate the nuisance, as well as the option to provide a hearing. Kistler v. City of Perry, 719 N. W. 2d 804 Iowa Sup.

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This will help your students and make the possibility of irking them via your staff be checked in time. Almost all colleges and universities have had problems with regards to student retention. Administrators have continuously looked for ways to effectively manage their schools because of the fact that every year, there is a decrease in the number of students enrolling in their respective schools. Of course, there can be many personal factors involved as to why a student would want to drop out of their education. But whether it's about financial or social factors, the academic institution could definitely do much more for the student to help overcome their personal challenges. An academic institution is primarily made up of educators and students .

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A city is distinguished from other human settlements by its relatively great size, but also by its functions and its special symbolic status, which may be conferred by a central authority. The term can also refer either to the physical streets and buildings of the city or to the collection of people who dwell there, and can be used in a general sense to mean urban rather than rural territory. National censuses use a variety of definitions invoking factors such as population, population density, number of dwellings, economic function, and infrastructure to classify populations as urban. Typical working definitions for small city populations start at around 100,000 people. Common population definitions for an urban area city or town range between 1,500 and 50,000 people, with most U. S.

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A. The State Board of Dental Examiners shall provide a one time waiver from license renewal fees for dentists, denturists and dental hygienists who are licensed in this state before January 1, 2018. B. The one time waiver provided in subsection A of this section is effective for licenses renewing in calendar years 2018, 2019 and 2020. C. This section is repealed from and after December 31, 2020. Controlled Substances Prescription Monitoring Program Mandate The mandate to utilize the Prescription Monitoring Program went into effect October 16, 2017. Dentists in Arizona are required to access Arizona's Controlled Substance Prescription Monitoring Program before prescribing a controlled substance to any patient. Governor's Regulatory Review Council GRRC Pursuant to Arizona Revised Statutes "A. R. S.

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It was late before we could get a start, in consequence of our not being able to find two of the horses which separated from the rest during the night. Started, following the river down; it frequently separating into two or three channels, and again joining. Numerous small watercourses are coming in on both sides, from east and west; it winds about a great dealits general course to day for nine miles has been nearly north north east. We passed a number of large lagoons, nearly dry, close to the stony hills: when full they must retain water for a long time. There is very little water in the main channel. At nine miles I found a large and excellent pool of water in one of the side creeks; it will last some time. It being now afternoon, and there being a nice open plain for the horses, I have camped. The river is now running through stony hills, which are very rough, composed of hard sandstone mixed with veins of quartz, some of which are very hard, much resembling marble with crystalline grains in it. We are now passing a number of stringy bark along with gum and other trees, Mr. Kekwick still finding new shrubs. After we had camped, taking Thring with me, I ascended a hill a little way from the camp, but was disappointed in not having an extensive view.

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