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We remember G d, Who created us on the sixth day, setting us apart and, in so doing, sanctified the human being. By leaving us the task of self completion and equipping us with intellect, the capacity for speech and spirituality, we come eventually to know before Whom we stand. Had G d completed us, even with respect to "brit milah" covenant of we would have been left with no obligations to this world of which we are but its short term visitors and caretakers. Very possibly, we might all have become couch hugging potato chip munching vacuum cleaners, a tragic waste of human potential, totally bereft of initiative, direction or goals. I noticed that Rabbi Twerski did not use a lot of "religious speak" last night. We all need a good old fashioned "talkin to" every now and then. There is a jargon within the orthodox community that often sounds to this writer stale, mechanical and trivial. A masterful reader of audiences, Rabbi Twerski, I think, made a deliberate choice to shoot straight fom the hip. Citing the Jeffersonian "pursuit of happiness" enunciated in this country's Declaration of Independence, Rabbi Twerski poked just a little bit of fun at those who "pursue" happiness but never succeed in finding it. It's like the story of the little boy, Rabbi Twerski began, who tearfully confesses to an inquiring policeman that he has apparently lost the money his mother gave him through a hole in his pants pocket. "Well, where did you lose it?" inquires Officer Friendly.

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Early adopting is not necessarily bad, said Cornell University researcher Kale Harbick. But he says his studies found indoor farms that rely solely on artificial light are not energy efficient or sustainable. Just because its possible to grow inside a warehouse doesnt mean its a good idea, doesnt mean its cost effective, said Harbick. If you do the math, the energy costs just arent what they should be. Harbick warns these companies struggle once their seed money runs dry. Case in point: One Chicago based company recently shut down its growing operations. Investors believe in it. AeroFarms has raised more than $50 million from the likes of Goldman Sachs and Prudential, and received more than $9 million in state and local grants. Here, were growing in the local community, he replied. Thats the supply chain difference. But it turns out that were able to compete on taste and texture.

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The lustrous white silver is still considered to be a unique gift among your loved once. Exclusive diamond wedding rings and rose cut diamond rings have always made the relations stronger. This sparkling gem is women's best friend. This along with being traditional gives you an elegant look. According to the legend, Nv Wa created our human beings, but she thought the human world was too ugly, so she had no confidence in them, and determined to recreate humans. But one person changed her mind,Cartier Love Bracelet in Rose Gold Plated and Stainless Steel, his name was Fu Xi, and he had been fighting for human beings.

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In early February, George and Matt, the familys youngest brother, drove back to the Poconos. On the way, they kept in frequent touch with Schifter from the road, checking in with him on his landline, since his cell phone had been disconnected. When they arrived that Sunday, shortly after noon, Schifter was already gone, but hed left the lights and heater on for them. The next morning, a shotgun blast erupted from a rental car at the east gate of City Hall. A frenzy ensued. Was it terrorism?Police responded, taping off the scene. Traffic was halted on the Manhattan bound side of the Brooklyn Bridge. The bomb squad came to check for explosives. All they found in the car was Schifter, lifeless in a crisp white shirt and dress pants. Next to him, inside a Ziploc bag, was a photograph of a clean shaven kid standing in front of the American flag. It was a photo of George, from his days in basic training in the Air Force; on his recent visit, he had urged Doug to keep it with him, so he wouldnt feel alone.

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