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5% increase on both salary and housing allowance and it said there would be no further negotiations. This clashed with the staffs demand of 8% on both salary and housing allowance. They also demanded their 14th cheque payment which they have been traditionally receiving over a number of years, before Professor Thandwa Mthembu, the current principal, took over the running of the university. According to the Deputy Vice Chancellor of Teaching and Learning, Professor Nomthandazo Gwele, the decision was made following the ongoing strike that has affected a large number of academic programmes this week. DUT wishes to confirm that despite the suspension of lectures, the university remains open. Student registration will still continue, she says.

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Help the children squeeze a bead of glue following the lines of the drawing. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. See more ideas about Art for kids, Preschool art, Art activities. You can read more about Piet Mondrian here: This was a Kindergarten project. Texture Collage. and i cross processed this for the heck of it. superfoods Weve made a whole bunch of paper plate animal crafts already as paper plates are so handy to craft with!I recently made this texture collage for touch that I wanted to share. main dish Project Life Microsuede Fabric Near Me, eggs reviews Ravens 2007 Record, pasta This Texture Collage was one of our projects this week, and I had a blast picking out all of the materials for this project!Check out Damien967's artwork on Artsonia, the largest student art museum on the web. home decor With the primary grades my focus is Color, Line and Shape and Pattern. How To Pronounce Respected, Share. Invite the children to coat the cotton balls in this mixture.

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One friend recalled a night out with a group of married couples at the Gold Club, a San Francisco strip club, a few years ago. Mr. Kalanick, who was single, pulled out a laptop to work on a spreadsheet, crunching Ubers numbers while friends watched the dancers onstage. Another friend called Mr. Kalanick a tech world rock star, which means something different in Silicon Valley than in the music world. To work with and around one requires a different kind of mentality and skill, said Andy Abramson, an early adviser to Mr. Kalanick. Mr. Abramson likened the chief executive to other idiosyncratic founders like Jeff Bezos of Amazon. Mr. Kalanick was eventually coaxed more into the limelight by others.

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