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Neurofeedback is a process of empowering a person to improve brain activity. Using sophisticated measuring equipment, a therapist provides the client with real time feedback of their own brainwaves. Over the course of several sessions, brain function improves. EEG biofeedback, or neurofeedback, is commonly used to address conditions as varied as anxiety, depression, ADHD, epilepsy, autism, chronic pain, trauma, and to improve peak performance in sports, to name only a few. I EEGer!It is my favorite neurofeedback system because it is so user friendly. It's easy to explain to clients what you're doing and easy to review their progress. It's a great mirror and self regulation training tool. Such a powerful and versatile tool; the clinician driven development paradigm is so wonderful. I'm very much looking forward to getting started with 4 channel coherence training. I use EEGer in my neurofeedback practice because it is exceptionally well supported by technical and developmental staff. For my neuropsychology practice, EEGer is without question the best neurofeedback software available.

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Anger usually points to something that needs to be changed. Anyone who is uncomfortable with complacency should be fired up by this, because we can all do better at something, at everything. Period. Also, this article makes for a powerful set of self affirmations if you change the yous to Is and the negatives to positives and blahblah. Raymar, you respond to this post as if you know the people she is talking aboutits not that you do not know them you dont but more that you cant. Its not mathematically possible. You say youve met some people who are satisfied w what theyve been given. Ok. But how does that make you an expert on the people who she is talking about?It doesnt. There are many people out there that dont want to be amazing by your definition, like she said. And you dont know why they are satisfied, but you say because you met some people who were given things by their parents or government, then that equates or qualifies you to know about the 100s of thousands of people she mentions.

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R. Outhwaite's Moonboat. Later issued as a CD and cassette tape. Mike Batt, The Winds of Change, LP recording, 1980. 12 inch Maxi single. Sleeve is colour reproduction of I. R. Outhwaite's Moonboat. Later issued as a CD and cassette tape. Mike Batt, The Winds of Change, LP recording, 1980. 12 inch Maxi single.

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The humble banana almost seems like a miracle of nature. Colourful, nutritious, and much cherished by children, monkeys and clowns, it has a favoured position in the planets fruitbowls. The banana is vitally important in many regions of the tropics, where different parts of the plant are used for clothing, paper and tableware, and where the fruit itself is an essential dietary staple. People across the globe appreciate the soft, nourishing flesh, the snack sized portions, and the easy peel covering that conveniently changes colour to indicate ripeness. Indeed, the banana appears almost purpose designed for efficient human consumption and distribution. It is difficult to conceive of a more fortuitous fruit. The banana, however, is a freakish and fragile genetic mutant; one that has survived through the centuries due to the sustained application of selective breeding by diligent humans. Indeed, the miraculous banana is far from being a no strings attached gift from nature. The bananas problem can be summed up in a single word: sex. The banana plant is a hybrid, originating from the mismatched pairing of two South Asian wild plant species: Musa acuminata and Musa balbisiana. Between these two products of nature, the former produces unpalatable fruit flesh, and the latter is far too seedy for enjoyable consumption.

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