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A golf course is a thingof beauty and requires daily care and maintenance to ensure it remains in thebest possible playing condition for its many loyal members. Based on the size,standard and condition of a golf course the number of greenkeepers required tomaintain the course could vary. Larger courses may have a head greenkeeper,supervisors and then a number of assistant greenkeepers and trainees. There anumber of professional qualifications that can be completed if you wish toreach the top of a career as a greenkeeper and on the job training at yourlocal golf course would certainly help things get underway. Throughout the year mowingcan dominate a greenkeepers daily task list especially in the spring and summerwhen the grass is growing at an accelerated rate. A crucial aspect of any golfcourse is to ensure the greens are kept in pristine condition.

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New classes with Idaho State Universitys Continuing Education and Workforce Training begin starting October 14. Biological anthropologist, author and broadcaster Prof Alice Roberts, who is the President of Humanists UK, tweeted a snap of her salad accompanied by a glass of drinkA Birmingham academic has been left bemused after a picture of her salad caused rage on social media with one troll branding her an "enemy of the American people". Professor Alice Roberts, a Professor of Public Engagement in Science at the University of Birmingham, posted a photograph of a Greek salad on Twitter yesterday evening. The biological anthropologist, author and broadcaster, who is the President of Humanists UK, tweeted a snap of her dish accompanied by a glass of drink and seasonal flowers on a backdrop of a wooden garden table. But her innocent photograph drew the ire of one troll, who furiously replied on Monday evening: "You are an enemy of the American people. "She screenshotted the exchange with the troll, then posting it alongside the caption: "I think this is Twitter gently telling me its time to go to sleep.

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for about $2 billion. By the end of that year, Skilling had developed the division by then known as Enron Capital and Trade Resources into the nations largest wholesale buyer and seller of natural gas and electricity. Revenue grew to $7 billion from $2 billion, and the number of employees in the division skyrocketed to more than 2,000 from 200. Using the same concept that had been so successful with the gas bank, they were ready to create a market for anything that anyone was willing to trade: futures contracts in coal, paper, steel, water and even weather. Perhaps Enrons most exciting development in the eyes of the financial world was the creation of Enron Online EOL in October 1999. EOL, an electronic commodities trading Web site, was significant for at least two reasons. First, Enron was a counterparty to every transaction conducted on the platform. Traders received extremely valuable information regarding the long and short parties to each trade as well as the products prices in real time. Second, given that Enron was either a buyer or a seller in every transaction, credit risk management was crucial and Enrons credit was the cornerstone that gave the energy community the confidence that EOL provided a safe transaction environment. EOL became an overnight success, handling $335 billion in online commodity trades in 2000. The world of technology opened up the Internet, and the IPO market for technology and broadband communications companies started to take off.

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You should include a site map to help users navigate easily through your website. Make sure you have clear TITLE tags, no HTML errors and all the links work. You should use text instead of images to display important elements, as search engine crawlers may not recognize a text inside an image. While keeping your content useful and clear, do use keywords that you know users would type to get to your page. Technical Issues Most search engine crawlers see your website similar to the way a text browser sees it. Consequently, you should use a text browser, such as Lynx, to check your website. If you cant see the whole page because of JavaScript, session IDs, DHTML or Flash features, search engine spiders will probably have trouble with crawling your website. Check with your web host to see if the server supports the If Modified Since HTTP header. This header tells Google whether the website content has changed since its last visit. While it is advised session IDs to track visitors path through the website, you shouldnt do this for search bots. The robots.

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The position in law is the same and the intension in either case must be to found an institution for the benefit of a minority community by a member of that community. " In Ahemdabad St. Stephens College v. Government of Gujarat, it was observed by the court that : "Every educational institution irrespective of community to which it belongs is a 'melting pot' in our national life" and that it is essential that there should be a "proper mix of students of different communities in all educational institutions. " This means that a minority institution cannot refuse admission to students of other minority and majority communities. The expression "minority" has been derived from the Latin word 'minor' and the suffix 'ity' which means "small in number". According to Encyclopaedia Britannica 'minorities' means 'groups held together by ties of common descent, language or religious faith and feeling different in these respects from the majority of the inhabitants of a given political entity". J. A. Laponee in his book "The Protection to Minority" describes "Minority" as a group of persons having different race, language or religion from that of majority of inhabitants. In the Year Book on Human Rights U.

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