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Freedom of expression is honored here. Opinions expressed by authors in written content are not advocated for good or ill. That lies in the path of personal discernment. Write your own script. THANK YOU!. To our evergrowing LFN community for their interest and support. Special gratitude to our writers, artists, poets and proficients for sharing their expertise and knowledge!Also an extended thanks to non members who have stopped by just to read!You are ALL appreciated. If you to connect with like minded others and convey your thoughts, ask a few questions or even share a few laughs, check out our chatrooms with active members and proficients!Any visitor can become a member by filling out a registration application. Click on CREATE ACCOUNT in the upper right sidebar of the Homepage. Applying is fast and simple and there is no interrogation. There is no membership fee and donations are never required or requested.

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3. I hopped a fence. Beth Feingold said her daughter, Brittani, sent a text that said, Were on code red. Im fine, but sent another text shortly afterward saying, Mom, Im so scared. She was later able to escape. Television footage showed students leaving in a single file line with their hands over their heads as officers urged them to evacuate quickly. The scene was reminiscent of the Newtown attack, which shocked even a country numbed by the regularity of school shootings. The Dec. 14, 2012, assault at Sandy Hook Elementary School killed 26 people 20 first graders and six staff members. When Caesar Figueroa got to the Florida school to check on his 16 year old daughter, he saw helicopters and police officers wielding guns. It was crazy and my daughter wasnt answering her phone.

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Nearly any trees or plants with soft, pliable stems can be braided, and it is common to see Hibiscus, Ficus, Azalea, and Bay Leaf plants with braided stems. And for some plants, like Lucky Bamboo and Money Trees, the braiding is so popular, it is rare to see these plants without their famous braids. Keep in mind that when most people think of braids, they think of a specific, three strand design, but stem braiding can take a variety of forms. The definition of a braid is basically any decorative, interlacing of strands, and isnt limited to a particular style of braid. Some braided plants feature only two trunks, twisted together to form a spiral shape. This can be especially attractive for plants with densely packed leaves that form a leaf ball at the top of the structure. However, some braided plants may incorporate up to six strands. Even more intricate styles can include interwoven strands that are then molded into vase or trellis shapes, or even coils. Since Money Tree stems are thicker at the base and more fibrous than plants like Lucky Bamboo, it is rare to see them braided into intricate shapes. However, it is common to see a Money Tree with several interwoven strands. These popular styles can be beautiful additions to homes or offices and can add sentimental values to plants given as gifts.

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Congestion pricing is moving forward. These are example so major projects that are on time and on budget, Foye said. As for municipal control, Foye commended Johnson for an interesting and provocative proposal. But said the state payroll mobility taxes are fundamental component of the MTAs financial structure today. Replacing that funding will be tough. And remember the '80s?By submitting your information, you're agreeing to receive communications from New York Public Radio in accordance with our Terms.

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