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1. Dr. Dr. S. Jayanthi, M. A. Ghaffari, H. Tschesche, and Q. X. A. Sang.

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Im not a doctor, but I have better sense than to listen to doctors who think that way. Why do doctors like the neurologist keep telling patients that kind of crap?Lowe: The concept that repressed, unresolved emotional conflicts cause disease is Freuds reformulation of a Middle Age beliefthat demons cause disease. "Hysteria" is the name he gave the imaginary psychopathological process. He wrote that in formulating the concept, he substituted his id, ego, and superego for the hypothetical disease causing demons of the dark ages. The concept is a mixture of metaphysics and pseudoscience and has no scientific credibility. In the US, its mainly some neurologists, psychiatrists, and personal injury chiropractic physicians who perpetuate the concept. As I explained in The Metabolic Treatment of Fibromyalgia, these doctors subscribe to the concept for one or more of three reasons. First, they lack the education to understand the concept within a historical context. Second, theyre so bereft of knowledge of logic and science that they cant see the bankruptcy of the concept. And third, insurance companies or law firms pay them well for using the concept in court to block litigating patients from getting compensation for their injuries. Apparently, many doctors in Scandinavian countries, Austria, and Germany also subscribe to the concept.

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Blue is excellent to use in a bedroom situation or a place you want to get away from it all. Its also good in any room that you seek relaxation in on a regular basis like a den or living room. Red Red represents truth and power. It is a good color to use in an area where you work. The home office or den or anyplace you do work should have at least some red in it. Green Not only is green the color of money, it is also associated with health and vitality.

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