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Keep going until you`re happy with what you`ve got. Remember, articles don`t need to be mega long, so long as they are helpful and informative. Write as you would speak, and make it personal, as if you are talking to a good friend. Let your personality shine through. As I mentioned above, anything you are passionate about, or are well versed on is a great start. You`re not passionate about anything?Not an expert in any subject at all?Well do some research.

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Confrontation if any was done in the dead of the night after they sleep. The kids would tell me everything about their day after school and i hope they continue to do so right up to their tertiary education. My wife, on the other hand never knew what KNNBCCB meant until her orientation camp in one of the local university. Yes, i meant those highly orientation camps with kukubird chants and challenges involving a lot of body contacts organised by students who did not have a chance to experience Katong Shopping centres in the late ninties. To my wife , a good school is one that is filled with kids that dont swallow fish bones. She doesnt know i write here so i can put whatever i want in her mouth, also because she is smarter than me, i usually lose most of my arguments with her The classmate with the largest VCDs collection back then is now a doctor, and the one that actively crowdfunds and trade VCDs now owns multiple businesses.

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actual analysis is critical to the eventual results, and you should build it into your plan. The following template might guide you in making a sample marketing plan especially for a small business. Get a very detailed overview of your company e. g. be specific about your nature of business, your objectives, your locations, your management, your customers and your funding. Before writing the marketing plan, some assumptions need to be followed over the external environment of the organisation adopted from PESTEL analysis. Political Factors: Political issues e. g. policies, incentives and property taxes which affect the business remain stable over the proposed period. Technology Factors: The organisation adapts to the changing technology trends e. g.

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Nair, Ph. D. Teaching of Adverbials to the Tamil Speaking Learners of English . S. RajendranDrama in Indian Writing in English Tradition and Modernity . Dr. S. D. Sasi Kiran and Dr. A. Sharada, EditorsContemporary Literary Perspectives .

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We want to help students construct their own knowledge of the world. To do this, we have to guide them to become active participants in the classroom learning. We must create a learning environment where they can express themselves, interact with other learners, and communicate their ideas without fear of ridicule or judgment. The principles of constructivism enable creative learning. Students find new meanings to concepts as they discover various ways of learning. They can multiply their sources of information. For example, a visit to Intramuros or the National Museum would provide a meaningful experience for students who are trying to understand the colonial era. Making a photo collage of the Martial Law years will allow them to delve deeper into the struggles of Filipinos under the leadership of a dictator. I am fortunate to be teaching in a school that advocates progressive learning. I have seen how students can flourish with the proper guidance of teachers and mentors. We believe the development of the whole person.

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