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11. The more tightly prescribed the performance assessment system, the less room teachers have to use the assessment in their classrooms in ways that make sense to them pedagogically. Conversely, performance assessment systems that are more loosely prescribed allow teachers the room to adapt assessment tools for use in their classrooms. This thesis is further developed in Chapter 6 of this report. Scope of Pedagogical Net refers to the extent to which a performance assessment system collects data on student performance, requires student involvement, samples from different domains of skills and competencies, and requires teacher involvement. Based upon our data, we hypothesize that such performance assessment systems help reform teaching and learning in profound ways because they have the features on going student and teacher involvement in performance assessments that are necessary pre conditions for developing common assumptions about teaching and learning and, therefore, for bringing about pedagogical changes. In contrast, a performance assessment system that collects data on student performance at only one or at a few points in time, includes tasks that require only limited student involvement, contains assessments that sample only from a limited number of skills and competencies and that are only task centered, and does not require much teacher involvement in task design, administration, and scoring can be thought of as casting a narrow pedagogical net. A performance assessment system casting a narrow pedagogical and that also places a premium on standardized implementation and scoring procedures and requires little day to day teacher and student input might best be characterized as casting a "measurement net. " The idea of "pedagogical" net differs from the idea of "level of prescription" in that an assessment system can be loosely prescribed i. e. , it may allow a large degree of teacher control over design and implementation, but it still might cast a narrow pedagogical net because it requires little extended student and teacher involvement and does not focus on a wide range of skills and competency demands.

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To perform a proper application of a paint coating is not necessarily a walk in the park. If you want the benefits of a great coating application, the prep and application will likely make or break your longterm satisfaction. Take the time to learn what to expect in terms of the logistics of getting a coating on your car the right way. Many expect prep and application to be a fast, easy and painless process. Is that a fair take on the topic?This brings us to the next side of our paint coating triangle. If expectations are inline with reality, the following step in your getting a car coated is the preparation of the surfaces of the car and the application of the product.

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On the contrary, as our cases demonstrate, a particular function, like a chameleon, will often take on the aspect of the office to which it is assigned. For this reason, "hen any Branch acts, it is presumptively exercising the power the Constitution has delegated to it. " INS v. Chadha, 462 U. S. at 462 U. S. 959. That danger congressional action that evades constitutional restraints is not present when Congress delegates lawmaking power to the executive or to an independent agency. The distinction between the kinds of action that Congress may delegate to its own components and agents and those that require either compliance with Article I procedures or delegation to another branch pursuant to defined standards is reflected in the practices that have developed over the years regarding congressional resolutions. The joint resolution, which is used for "special purposes and .

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In short, Congress should focus for impeachment purposes only on matters of unacceptable presidential conduct that are provable on the basis of currently available evidence and that are thus easily presentable to the Senate for judgment. This does not mean that Trumps conduct outside this category is wise, moral, acceptable or even, in some cases, legal. But the House must rigorously focus on the worst provable offenses undertaken as president in part because there are so many possible charges to begin with. Some of these are very bad but not impeachable; some might conceivably justify impeachment in and of themselves. But incorporating everything will ensure that nothing receives the full attention that it warrants. The House thus needs to focus on those offenses that make the strongest case of misuse of presidential power, rather than wading into difficult questions concerning the impeachability of pre presidential conduct, misconduct, racism or other moral failures. We think Congress should focus its impeachment considerationif, indeed, it now means to conduct a formal impeachment inquiryon five major areas, each of which could easily support an article of impeachment. The first is obstruction of justice and abuse of law enforcement institutions and personnel. This basket covers the presidents efforts to impede the special counsel investigation of Russian interference in the election and the campaign against the FBI those efforts entailed. Even if one believes that firing FBI Director James Comey was a wholly legitimate move, the president didnt stop there. He also attempted to dissuade witnesses, specifically Paul Manafort, Michael Flynn and Michael Cohen, from cooperating with federal authorities.

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