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And whoever had just learned how to read had to immediately proceed to reading the Bible in Hebrew. From the governments point of view, opening up general education to Jews rendered state Jewish schools unnecessary. From 1862 Jews were permitted to take posts of senior supervisors in such schools and so the personnel in these schools was being gradually replenished with committed Jewish pedagogues, who, acting in the spirit of the time, worked to improve mastery of Russian language and reduce teaching of specifically Jewish subjects. In 1873 these specialized schools were partially abolished and partially transformed, some into primary specialized Jewish schools of general standard, with 3 or 6 years study courses, and two specialized rabbinical schools in Vilna and Zhitomir were transformed into teacher training colleges. The government sought to overcome Jewish alienation through integrated education; however, the Commission for Arranging the Jewish Way of Life was receiving reports both from Jewish advocates, often high ranked, and from the opponents of reform who insisted that Jews must never be treated in the same way as other ethnic groups of the Empire, that they should not be permitted unrestricted residence all over the country; it might be allowed only after all possible measures were tried to turn Jews into useful productive citizens in the places where they live now and when these measures would prove their success beyond any doubt. Meanwhile, through the shock of ongoing reforms, especially of the abolition of the burdensome recruiting obligation in 1856 and through it the negation of the corresponding power of Jewish leaders over their communities, and then of the repeal of the associated special taxation in 1863, the administrative power of the community leaders was significantly weakened in comparison to their almost unrestricted authority in the past inherited from the Qahal abolished in 1844, that omnipotent arbiter of the Jewish life.

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s birthday, pull up his biography article in the Biographies module. Look at the timeline of important events from his life, then watch the video of an excerpt of his I Have a Dream speech. For a complete content list of articles, view Content Maps under Resources at pebblego. comCitation support is built into every article within PebbleGo. Extend the 5 facts idea from the previous page to give students practice in citing their sources. Have them search for 5 facts that interest them in PebbleGo.

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S. Jayanthi, M. A. , M. Phil. , Ph. D. , EditorTrends in Select Sahitya Akademi Award winning Tamil NovelsWord Order Typology and Its Implication in Translation . Prof. Rajendran SankaravelayuthanDr. N.

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