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If they reject my art, then they reject me, and I will cease to be relevant or even exist. Fear that youre not being, or wont be, acknowledged as an artist will hold you back. Fear that youre not good enough compared with other artists will choke your expression. This fear may lead to anger, bitterness and even depression. Since youre art is an expression of you, this fearful held back state of beingness will be reflected in your art. There is a vast difference between deliberately illustrating and expressing pain, desperation, and other negative emotions and holding yourself back in your artistic expression as a result of pain, desperation and other negative emotions.

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The Industrial Revolution had its roots in another major transitionthe agricultural revolution. Earlier in the 18th century wealthy British landowners had taken advantage of poor peasants with the enclosure movement, in which they fenced off formerly communal lands and turned them over to private ownership. As a result, many poor families were forced to move. Some went to other villages or towns, and others poured into cities. At roughly the same time, farming advancements such as crop rotation and steel plows greatly increased food production, making it possible for much larger concentrations of people to live together. Increased agricultural efficiency also reduced the number of workers needed on farms, making more of them available for industry.

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He also bounced back after having his third passintercepted and returned for a touchdown. He's thrown 12 TD passes and 13 interceptions, and Weeden's 55. 9completion percentage is 32nd in the league as is his 70. 9 rating. Weeden hasendured criticism from some who think the Browns have yet to find their futurequarterback. ''What's important for Brandon is to play a style of quarterbackthat leads us to victories,'' he said. ''That's what he needs to do. We couldtalk about yards, we could talk about all that other stuff, all the ways youwant to rank certain things, but his game needs to constantly improve and he'sgot to strive to get us in the end zone and help us win football games. NOTES: Browns DE Frostee Rucker dismissed Steelers OT Max Starks'claim that Cleveland's defensive lineman were going at the legs of Pittsburgh'soffensive front. ''I don't understand it,'' Rucker said. ''I've played forseven years.

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