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I'd want to see more research, including more longitudinal studies, before I would take all of this to heart. The problem with this study is that it drew conclusions by looking at "similar patients". What makes a person similar?Are we comparing them in their pre surgery health and matching them to diabetic, heart disease counterparts?Or are we comparing them to the general population?In other words, why are they measuring success by comparing with PATIENTS the definition of which implies he has a health problem?Here's the reality: these things save lives. I've known at least 6 people who were morbidly obese, got the surgery, and returned to functional life. And before anyone whines about who pays for their surgery, keep in mind a 350 lb person who struggles to walk is going to be on Disability so the taxpayer is already paying for him. Getting these people well and back to the workforce is not only a good thing, it turns them back into taxpaying members of society. In a perfect world nobody would need it. But until we understand why some people have the compulsion to eat themselves literally to death, this is their only hope. And in a world where our food is now almost completely processed, sugar coated, and engineered: it's hard for the people who lose weight slowly to do so, even with the best will power. Unfortunately you are a prime example of the fallacy that many people fall into. The assumption that this data is incorrect because you have seen 6 cases that saved lives is a poorly formed conclusion.

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In: Kandel DB, ed. Longitudinal research on drug use. Washington, DC: Hemisphere, 1978. Kolbe LJ. An epidemiological surveillance system to monitor the prevalence of youth behaviors that most affect health. Health Education 1990;21:44 8. Robins LN, Przybeck TR. Age of onset of drug use as a factor in drug and other disorders. In: Jones CL, Battjes RJ, eds. Etiology of drug abuse: implications for prevention. Washington, DC: US Department of Health and Human Services, Public Health Service, Alcohol, Drug Abuse, and Mental Health Administration, 1985.

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Wouldn't you like to be in a similar situation with your marketing?How would you like to have prospects who were so eager to buy that you didn't have to sell, but could focus instead on taking more orders?Cut your eBay fees in half and increase your sales with ProfitCalc If you are like most small business owners you'd like to increase your sales but you don't enjoy selling. You don't want to be seen as a pushy person, whether it is on the phone, in person or in your marketing materials. The problem is that you don't sell baked goods or candy instead you may sell accounting, design, engineering, or informational products and services. What can you do to increase your sales and spend less time selling?Stop Selling Stop worrying about closing the sale. Focus instead on understanding what your prospect wants, and open the door to a mutually profitable relationship. When a prospect thinks that all you care about is getting their money, they'll view the relationship negatively and this can easily kill the sale. Start Helping Once a prospect is at your web site or on the phone with you, they've demonstrated an interest in finding a solution to one of their problems or concerns. Take the next step and demonstrate your interest in them. Use your conversation or your site to ask them questions that will identify what they want to accomplish and how you can help them. Help them clarify the problem they are trying to solve. Even our prosperous bakery owner has questions to ask.

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This is a list of the 10 most toxic people food to not give you kitty and a short description of the toxic ingredients within the food, as well as some signs of adverse reactions. If your kitty is anything like mine, it may run at the mere hope of snagging a table scrap each time you walk to the kitchen. Although people foods are generally not harmful to us, kitties digestive tracts are quite different as well as their nutritional needs. Besides preventing your cuddly little feline from expanding its sleek waistline, here are my top 10 toxic people foods that should validate solid reasons to refrain feeding your kitty table scraps:Alcohol the toxic ingredient is ethanol and a little can do a lot of damage. Adverse reactions include: depression, excitability, poor coordination, slow respiratory rate. Severe cases: cardiac arrest and or death. Selected Fruits such as apples, apricots, cherries, peaches and plums large amounts of seeds, leaves and stems carry a compound of cyanide. Adverse reactions include: dilated pupils, shock, apprehension, hyperventilation as well as breathing difficulties. Avocados toxic ingredient is persin which is a fatty acid derivative. It is unsafe to feed any part or amount of avocado to cats or dogs. Adverse reactions include: abnormal breathing, fluid accumulation in chest abdomen or around the heart as well as breathing difficulties.

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