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When appropriate, these graphs and diagrams were embedded in the Braille text of the document by cutting and pasting. For images that are not reproducible by the computer or available in electronic format, scanners were used with a graphics program like CorelDraw TM to produce ink output for subsequent image enhancement. This general technique, like the equation translation, has two advantages: the ability to accept electronic forms of diagrams for enhancement, and the overall speed of the process. For diagrams received in electronic format, the entire process from modifying to pasting into the Braille document can take less than 15 minutes. The second subject dealt with by the VISIONS Lab, and perhaps the most challenging, is Organic Chemistry. This field involves several problems that are especially difficult for blind students. First, Organic Chemistry involves a tremendous volume of material, which is barely tolerable by many sighted students and can be too much for some blind students to keep up. This is mainly because of the lengthy process of listening to taped or read materials. Second, most of the material in Organic Chemistry is two or three dimensional in nature, and it is critical to have an understanding of spatial relationships of molecules to be an organic chemist. Finally, the laboratory part of the class must be modified to allow blind students to use the laboratory equipment, perform experiments, and take data. For the Organic Chemistry lecture, the main problem was in translating the material into Braille or tactile images for the blind students.

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Content: Chemical synthesis using the systematic "synthon" approach to design retrosynthetic pathways for complex molecules. Approaches for advanced stereochemical control. Successful synthesis routes in the primary literature examined and the experimental section of these articles interpreted to successfully bridge the gap from journal to bench. Prerequisites: CHEM 220. Restrictions: Sophomore standing required. Usually offered: Every third year, spring semester.

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Our Address Is Azerbaijan highlights the lives of our compatriots abroad, their business and activity in the diaspora and lobby. The First about compatriots life and activity, who distinguished themselves in inventing and making discovery of something previously unknown. Ask, We Answer live the response to social questions regarding pensions and monetary compensation for the needy. The latest news in social sphere. Behind the Scenes live the discussion about interesting moments during films shootings that left behind the scenes. A kind of scientific journalism, philosophy and a psychological approach to the topics covered creates the basis for the "Fountain" genre. From Military History about the life of military commanders whose names are forever imprinted in the history of the country. Rovshan Ragif ogly Mammadov was born on June 15, 1979, in Aghstafa region of the Republic of Azerbaijan. In 2000 he received bachelor's degree in Faculty of Journalism from Baku State University and in 2002 earned masters degree in international journalism in Faculty of Journalism from BSU. In 2006 R. R.

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