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Sahab, K. Iczkowski, and Q. X. Sang 2007 Anion Exchange Fractionation ofSerum Proteins versus Albumin Elimination. Biochem. 368, 24 32.

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TI publications/Foster Marxism and Ecology. pdfIf I covered everything in that confession that tied to these various programs and education initiatives I have been describing, it would turn this post into a book. Instead, lets go to the section called The Great Convergence and remember the Re Imagining Education link from two posts ago from the Bipartisan Convergence Center. In the GTI link we are told:Development, particularly in the rich economies, must assume a new form: qualitative, collective, and culturalemphasizing sustainable human development in harmony with Marxs original view of socialism. As Lewis Mumford argued, a stationary state promoting ecological ends, requires for its fulfillment the egalitarian conditions of basic communism, with production determined according to need, not according to ability or productive contribution. . . IELLIOS , . IELLIOS, , Madonnafacialist kate somer fieldIELLIOS , 5230. IELLIOSIELLIOSYoure looking to get laid. All you want to do is right this very second.

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Gender Freedom would probably define their light body makeup in higher densities. Angela Kahealani's page on Gender Freedom seems to promote bisexuality as a reaction to "the extreme overpopulation by the infestation of the species of humans. " Infestation?Where?Africa, maybe?What do you suppose that's about?Whose children do you imagine she's referring to when she speaks of "infestation"?Even among abductees and those experiencing some form of heavy other dimensional negative interference, astral assault is a difficult subject to speak about. What clinical psychologist is equipped to discuss matters of harassment and assault involving a non human, non physical being?I have read that there are Reptilians that have been raping other entities for energy in the astral planes. As they are STS, they need their daily recharge from others. The STS and feeding response you present accounts for only a portion of the reasons why people experience astral or etheric assault, as there are a variety of beings and entities populating the astral landscape other than reptilians. The key concepts among those such as reptilians who target particular beings, in my experience, is are separation, degradation, and isolation, and not so much to feed as to retard FRV. I hope the reasons any gender or gender identifying with any number of identities exists is a lot more complex than a balance sheet of male vs. female past life incarnations. I don't mean to imply that you're suggesting there are, or aren't, but it just weirds me out when I read the attempts people make to easily define someone else's identity, when the reasons people identify the way they do are just as varied as the beings themselves. I don't know if you're or straight, but perhaps sweeping generalizations help you to define your identity.

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