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If you are proceeding to your final year in October 2020, this means that, if you dont pass the module in January, then you will not be able to graduate in July 2021 if you have not met the eligibility criteria for an honours degree. Any decisions involving trailing failed modules should not be taken lightly and you are strongly advised to discuss this with your Department or SU Advice before making your decision. You are responsible for checking with your department as to whether the syllabus or assessment for the modules youll be reassessed for are due to change next year. If there are any changes, your department will be able to confirm whether youll be reassessed on the old or new syllabus. If you need to resit any exam, a member of the Exams Office will be in touch with you by email so please make sure you check your Essex email regularly. We will aim to publish the exam resit timetable by 27 November 2020 but if you havent heard from the Exams Office by this date, please email us at .

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There will also a chapter on classroom management, exploring the issues involved in preparing and managing the space where you teach and creating a learning centred' classroom. Communicative Language Teaching CLT will also discussed and how can it be applied in a Thai classroom with students of varying abilities. Different techniques for the development of speaking, writing and listening skills will be discussed in detail, as will the need to have comprehensive strategies with clear aims and built in success indicators, and how to implement these. Finally, the issue of integrating those skills required to make students communicative and competent are discussed. The book is based on the author's tried and tested techniques that have been developed over a 25 year period, not only through his personal experiences in Thailand but also from working with young people in both informal and formal educational environments in the UKThe author runs a very successful English language tutor school in the Northeast of Thailand and is currently contracted to the local provincial government as their English language expert' their terminology rather than his!He has also recently developed and delivered a Teaching English as a Foreign Language TEFL training course for Thai teachers. Over 100 Thai teachers have undertaken the course and gained certificates, while the feedback has been both encouraging and rewarding.

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2 A Hiring Committee conforming to the rules and procedures ofappointment for librarians as outlined in Article 9. 8 b shall be formedwith the following amendments to the composition of the committee:ii Whenever possible CUASA members from the Department for which the Head is being hired shall be included on the Hiring Committee. In the case of Departments where the only CUASA member is the Head, a CUASA member from another Department may be included on the Hiring Committee;iii Two members shall be appointed by the University Librarian or designate, one of whom will be the Associate University Librarian responsible for the department. v The Associate University Librarian responsible for the Department shall chair the Hiring Committee but shall only vote to break a tie;vi Any recommendation by the Hiring Committee for hiring must be by majority vote and include all members eligible to vote. vii The Hiring Committee shall invite members of the Department to meet with candidates being interviewed and to give feedback to the Hiring Committee. viii If no internal candidate is clearly suitable, and if the funding is available for a new CUASA hire, the University Librarian shall post the Department Head job description externally in accordance with Article 9. 1 b iii. If no funding is available for a new hire, then the University Librarian may renew the appointment of the incumbent or take other measures as required to fill the position on a temporary basis until a suitable internal candidate is found or funding is secured. 1 Acting Department Heads may be appointed by the University Librarian to a short term in the event of an extreme urgency or for planned absences such as sabbaticals, parental leave, etc. Such appointments will not normally be for less than one month or more than one 1 year. 2 Two months prior to the completion of the Acting Department Heads term, the University Librarian shall comply with Article 9.

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The journal publishes irregular number of issues may range from 3 7 issues per year depending on the quality of submissions and number of finally accepted articles online issues. Important note for authors: Until the volume 10 issue 4, the journal was published equally in electronic and hard print format. Since that volume, the main publication format is electronic/online . The journal is indexed/registered/covered by the following services:Academic Journals Database, AgEcon Search, BASE, Bazekon, CEEOL, CEJSH, EBSCO Discovery Service, EBSCO Business Source Elite, EBSCO Business Source Premier, CABI, ERIH PLUS, ProQuest Business Premium Collection, E International Scientific Research Journal Consortium E ISRJC, Elektronische Zeitschriftenbibliothek EZB Regensburg University Library, EconBiz, e LIBRARY. RU, DOAJ 2010 2016, Gale, Google Scholar, Index Copernicus, Libsearch, Open J Gate, RePEc, ResearchGate, Scopus 2013 2018, Ulrichs Periodicals Directory, VSL Open, The German National Library of Science and Technology TIB Leibniz Information Centre for Science and Technology and University Library, Scilit, Open Access Library OALib, ResearchBib, Web of Science Core Collection Emerging Sources Citation Index, Web of Science Specialist Collection CAB AbstractsWe continue to work on indexation issue to provide international exposure of research papers published in our journals. However, sustaining in listings of top indexes imposes very high demands and special responsibility for the editors.

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6% due to MRSA. The report estimates that up to 5,000 patients a a year die from Gram negative blood poisoning each year, half with an antibiotic resistant organism. Dame Sally said no new classes of antibiotics had been introduced since 1987 whereas new pathogens were emerging every year, and existing bugs were developing resistance to current treatments. A five year UK Antimicrobial Resistance Strategy will be published shortly which will advocate the responsible use of antibiotics and strengthened surveillance. The Chief Medical Officer said antimicrobial resistance would be put on the government's national risk register of civil emergencies which provides guidance on potential threats such as terrorist attacks, pandemic flu and major flooding. Dame Sally said she was shocked by the "woeful education" in antimicrobial resistance given to many medical students and doctors; she wanted to ensure fewer antibiotics were prescribed, so that they are used only when needed. In 2008 her predecessor, Liam Donaldson, urged doctors not to use antibiotics to treat colds and coughs as these are caused by viruses and do not respond to antibiotics. Melbourne cheers end of Australia's strictest lockdown. VideoMelbourne cheers end of Australia's strictest lockdown'Media created picture of my husband I don't recognise' Video'Media created picture of my husband I don't recognise''Growing enemies to French concept of secularism' Video'Growing enemies to French concept of secularism'Lahaina, Hawaii CNN Elle Cochran grew up far too enchanted by Maui's rocky coastline and beach bum lifestyle to care a thing about politics and voting. "You get up, work, go to the beach, sleep and do it again," she said of life on this Hawaiian island, which, of course, is known for its surf. "It's just this routine.

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