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If your group likes a casual afternoon knockabout, consider the city's historic Huron Hills Golf Course. This 5,071 yard, par 67 layout dates back to 1922 with design credit by Tom Bendelow and while it doesn't earn the type of national short course acclaim as other similar facilities, it's a great vibe full of juniors and in considerably better condition than my early golf days spent here. If you don't have time or energy for 18, try and play the back 11 holes on the hilly side of Huron River Drive. There are four, sub 300 yard par 4s combined with some tough, long par 3s. The 9th and 18th holes have elevated tees where you can swing for the distant hills across Huron River. At just $19 walking for 18 holes, it'd be a fun match play course on a twilight evening. Bordering Ann Arbor's east side is Ypsilanti, a smaller but similarly old and leafy college town home to Eastern Michigan University with a charming Depot Town district in the historic core during COVID the street blocked off allowing for spacious al fresco dining. Minutes south, EMU operates Eagle Crest Golf Club, and while their course est. 1987 may lack the architectural pedigree of U of M's fabled courses, it wouldn't swap its scenic setting on Ford Lake with either. In 2012 EMU embarked on a 20 year master plan to the course to elevate its stature amongst the NCAA. They've come along way since my previous visit in 2006 with three new greens built, tree clearing along the lake and more subtle enhancements to the resort golfer, as well as making it a stiffer test for the Mid American Conference player.

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I understand how important the atomic bomb is to Pakistan. It is important to any country that acquires it. But I'm still wondering what it is about Pakistan that such a cult could be made around one man. " He said, "You have to understand the psyche of the Subcontinent, and not just Pakistan. If you go to India, there is more idol worship therethe worshipping of 'stars'than you will find anywhere else in the world. I was a Pakistani playing in India, but I've never had such adulation. I mean, in India everything is worshipped. They have idols for everything. Hinduism, you know. ""You will find Indian film starsall of thembehaving like A. Q.

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The feedback is especially valuable if the teacher helps the learner know where he is going, what progress he has made so far, and what specific activities he can do next to progress toward the goal. Ideally, learners also receive help in refining and seeking more challenging goals. This is what conferringworking one on one with an individual child islistening and looking to understand a childs work and intentions and then helping a learner take all of the instruction that is in the air and use it in ways that connect precisely to the learner, making sure the learner is working with direction and feedback. The TCRWP recognizes that different kinds of small group work offer teachers opportunities to make their instruction more effective, but also more efficient grouping for a time students with similar needs, and tailoring support to meet those needs. The whole goal of small group instruction is responsiveness. Teachers can tailor their instruction to what a group of students needs, rather than to the whole class. In TCRWP classrooms, observers will see different iterations of small group work based on the teachers purpose and the students needs. From guided reading groups to supporting readers in transitioning to new levels of text complexity, to strategy lessons on accountable talk, to extending the work around a writing goal, to coaching book clubs and so many other methods and purposes, small group instruction allows the opportunity for the classroom teacher to be responsive to what students need. Teachers who we work with are encouraged to be flexible in their approach to small group work recognizing we are teaching a class of individual readers with varied strengths, needs and goals. The effectiveness of this approach is supported in Denton, Vaughn and Fletchers 2003, Bringing Research Based Practice in Reading Intervention to Scale, which concludes that effective teachers are able to identify struggling readers and modify the nature and intensity of instruction to address their needs, basing instructional decisions on information gathered from frequent assessments and monitoring of student progress p. 202 Similar findings demonstrated the importance of small group work.

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RC is not primarily a policy site, though. The forced responses thread is meant to be the catchall thread for policy issues, so you posted on the right one. Unforced variations is the main comment thread, usually, and is meant to be for general scientific observations, questions, and comments. Other topics are more or less ad hoc, as they arisefor instance, the recent US National Climate Assessment Report has a thread going right now. Its great to get a scientists eye view of these issues. The recent inline response links in the sidebar to the right can give you a sample. And the science links in that same sidebar are a valuable resource, too; Wearts Discovery of Global Warming is frequently and deserverdly cited. Speaking of NCA 4the National Climate Assessmentas I did above, I see from Google Maps that Chilliwack is about 36k from the border crossing south of Abbotsford and closer to the border as the crow flies, so the NCA 4 Northwest chapter would also be highly relevant for you. A direct link is here:My other favorite site is Taminos Open Mind. Taminoa psuedonym for a professional statistician who has published research on several topics including climate changespecializes in accessible analyses of climate related data, and often addresses false claims on the topic. Some of the posts are quite technical, but most are not.

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The fact remains that the repair is dependent on the problem related to the air conditioner. Taking into account ever increasing air conditioning sales, here are some important points which will save you both energy and money. Tips to Increase the Efficiency of Your Cooling System 1: Buy Supplementary Products: If you are buying a new air conditioning unit, you should not only select an energy efficient unit, but also purchase suitable insulation and weatherization products, which can help to save energy. Insulate the walls, floors, attic, duct system perfectly. Seal windows and doors properly. 2: Avoid Direct Sunlight: You should control direct sunlight with the help of shades and curtains; thus reducing the effect of radiant heat from the sun. Trees planted near windows can work as obstacles for hot sun rays. Additionally, all doors and windows should be closed properly. 3: Regular Repairs and Servicing: Only a properly tuned air conditioning system can run effectively and can save your money. A delay in air conditioning repair can lead to increased electricity bills and a waste of energy. 4: Use of Proper Cooling Systems: A central cooling system is more expensive than window air conditioners.

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