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Each of these elements will be addressed in this discussion, and some challenges to Colmans distinctions presented by these two picturebooks will be offered. The first element, the amount of made up material these two picturebooks contain, seems a rather straight forward analysis. Since the material is about dragons, and dragons are imaginary, all of the material is made up. However, what is not addressed by this simplistic distinction is how the made up matter is presented. For example, in The Discovery of Dragons, Graeme Base presents fictionalized first hand accounts of observations and encounters with dragons injournal writing and other "primary source" documents. Although the content is made up material, its presentation as primary source documents is used to suggest the actual existence of various types of dragons. In much the same manner, various information in Dragonology is presented as facts about dragons life cycle, habitats, biology and physiology, and behaviors. How ideas are presented, the semiotic resources used, is as important in considering these texts as whether the information is actual or made up. This adds to the blurring of our initial distinctions between fictional and expository structures and presentations. The second element, the amount of information included in the text would fall in favor of the expository end of the continuum. Both books are filled with lots of different types of information.

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In the beggining of the course, the learners ate totally dependent on the teachers translation, but over time they are able to engage in more direct communication as they move toward independence. In addition, learners are not limited in their topics of conversation, regardless of their language proficiency. Learners are free to talk about the affairs of daily life. This approach to language learning encourages the meaningfull use of language which the learners can store, synthesize and use in new situations. CLL allows learners to practice the structure or characteristics patterning of sentences and conversations. Morever, it is believed from the teachers translation, learners will be able to induce a grammar far more complex than they are able to use their own.

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Theres an order to how the different types of suffixes are added; according to this order, the personal pronoun suffixes are added at the end of the word, as the last suffix. In the English sentence, grammatical tense is expressed through the word had. In the Turkish sentence, instead of using a separate word, we add the suffix mi for past tense, then we add the pronoun ending m to state that the subject is the first person singular. Its important to know both kinds, because failing to use them correctly could lead to misunderstandings. Well cover each kind below as we look into different forms of pronouns and learn through Turkish pronouns examples. Make sure to find the most efficient and unique way youre able to learn this important grammar topic. When studying pronouns in Turkish, lessons like this are helpful, but can only go so far. Personal pronouns are the most common type of pronoun. Here, well go over personal pronouns in Turkish, phrases to help you understand how they work, and more information. Possessive pronouns are what allow you to identify the owner of something without using the same noun over and over. Learn about Turkish possessive pronouns in this section to increase your Turkish skills and knowledge.

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